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The Team

Things moved pretty quick once the seeds were sown and within the first year we doubled, and then again the next, and so on. As things continued to grow in the garden we expanded the office too, moving from a small desk in one room, to a whole flat in the House. 5 years on and we have all sorts on the team. Lots of tea drinking industry experts, some well traveled newbies, some technically advanced babies and even some puppies….

Between us we have over 100 years of industry knowledge, 20 (ish) unmatched mugs, 14 children, 8 dogs, 6 pairs of stripy wellies,  3 wedding industry Awards & 1 tortoise…..

Here’s a few snaps from the family album!


Emma Davidson – Venue Manager

Emma, has too many children and not enough time, however still seems to just about oversee everything. Loves gardening, Victorian houses, dogs (not fussy about type) and keeping chickens. Responsible for everyone on the team and immensely proud of them all too. Emma has been developing the company since she joined 5 years ago and loves foraging through forgotten areas around the estate to find inspiration for the next walled garden project.  

Ella Bobeszko – Wedding and Event Planner

Ella is by far the most chatty member of the team and it’s one of the reasons she’s so good at her job.She does love a good natter and a milky cuppa tea. Unfortunately does tend to get picked on for being a bit on the small side…that’s why she loves this angle as she looks quite tall here. We love Ella and her dog Blue who should really be in this photo. Interesting fact, she’s the only Ella Bobeszko in the whole country!

Jade Grass – Wedding and Event Planner

Jade loves lists and stationary and was pretty much born planning stuff. She’s a super organised, tea drinking, often sleep deprived (baby) wedding planning marvel. Also has regular blonde moments and dreams of swimming with pigs in the Caribbean.

Emily Cheetham – Wedding and Event Planner

We still tend to think of Emily as the baby of the office because she came to us like a gift on work experience a couple of years ago. She just slotted straight in and we snapped her up before she ran off to university. Now Emily does most of the advertising, runs the blog, eats lots of strange healthy stuff, shames us with her gym antics and drinks a gallon or two of water everyday.

Simon Fletcher – Operations Manager

Simon is quite tall, has a great sense of humor and most importantly keeps the marquee running smoothly all year round, does a cracking job of it too. Since joining us 3 years ago he has built our own little dream team and continues to train and develop their skills for delivering our impeccable service. Last thing… Simon says this is the nicest picture he has ever had taken. We’re going to frame it for his secret Santa this year.

Bryony Delahaye – Assistant Operations Manager

Bryony is quite new to the team and were all a bit green because every single shot on our photo shoot was super beautiful…We hope she doesn’t leave us soon to work for max factor because we’re looking forward to 2018 with her as our Assistant operations manager

Nick Archer – Bar supervisor

A very good photographer himself often takes a few fab snaps for us of food and open days. His part on the team is mainly bar based but he has a brilliant mind for meticulous planning, designing and organising of almost anything! if it needs colour coding and orchestrating or even if it doesn’t Nick will sort it. Quite frankly he’s a mastermind member of the team and responsible for many great implemented ideas and suitably organised areas!

Matt Stone – Garden and Maintenance Assistant

Matt looks after the garden and general maintenance and takes a lot of pride in it too. It doesn’t seem to matter weather he is building a roof, sowing seeds or fixing a toilet, he pretty much has this smile on his face all the time. He really is a joy to be around and the whole team appreciate him. That’s why he won twice in the quarterly awards and then won team member of the year 2017! 

Kara Beadsworth – Events and Operations Assistant

Kara is also new to the team for this year, she might look small but she’s mighty. She’ll tackle everything from drills and paint brushes to attending wedding fairs and serving afternoon teas…she’s like a really lovely human multi-tool. Interestingly, Kara once owned a white pigme hedgehog!