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Once upon a time

Many years ago the garden was used for supplying the main house with fresh produce. Maintained by Uncle Fred until the 60’s we had grapes, peaches, apples and herbs all summer long. After Fred passed the garden was left & derelict for 40 years. In 2011 work began to restore the garden. Restoration has incoporated the original iron works, green house footings, red bricks and apple arches. So far it’s taken 5 years, 4 seasons, 3 gardeners and a whole lot of love make our garden grow!

The Garden in March

The beginning of Spring! Our garden is covered in Daffodils and the ancient Crocus on the golf course bring some long awaited colour. Festoon lights brighten up the bare branches on the Apple arch and Silver Birch trees.

The Garden in April

Late April hosts the most wonderful display of pink blossom from our cherry tree by the arrival gates. Petals falling from the tree act as a naturual confetti. We have planted over 400 Tulips in the Garden, April is when they will be in bloom!

The Garden in May

We are so excited for May in the Garden! The Wisteria drapes beautifully against the exposed brick wall and frames the Old Victorian door. The French Lavender is at it’s finest and the Roses have begun to bloom!

The Garden in June

We have a magnificent show of Alliums in June! The Hostas display their lilac flowers and the dreamy Cosmos have just begun to bloom.

The Garden in July

In the height of Summer the Roses are at their peak! The grapes are also appearing on our Greenhouse Vine making a fabulous
canopy for photographs. The Cosmos create a wild meadow display.

The Garden in August

August is a great month in our garden, the Lavender is in full bloom, the Penstemon are glorious and our White Hydrangea are adding a touch of elegance.


The Roses are still flourishing in September! You will also have Apples hanging from the arch. The foliage is still lush and green, and there will still be plenty of colour coming through.

The Garden in October

The garden is still lush and green in October. The archway will have started to produce crab apples! We love the rustic green Victorian door leading to the cutting garden, it makes the perfect spot for a photo and at this time of year the Hostas are still looking great! The herbaceous border is still full of colour and the roses are still blooming.

The Garden in November

November boasts all the colours of Autumn. Foliage in shades of rust and yellow make a perfect match for the rustic detailing of the original Victorian features. The crab apples lining the archway are a key feature at this time of year. The Tree lined drive is also a perfect setting for your photos!

The Garden in December

We offer a beautiful backdrop for the perfect Winter Wedding. The architectural shapes of the trees, the silhouette of the Rose Obelisks and the distressed brick walls create a beautiful scene for your photos.