New Year, New Projects!

The WG team hope you have all had a relaxing time off work celebrating the New Year (hopefully not drinking tooo much!).

As you know, we ‘shut down’ between January to the beginning of March to do maintenance work on the marquee and give the garden a good sorting out. Each year we have a big project and this year is the flooring. After some long discussions, the team decided to take on the task of putting a wooden floor down instead of carpet. This is the biggest project we have done on the marquee since it opened as the marquee itself has never closed completely however we have had to close all access inside the marquee to guests.

At the beginning of the month, the team started by ripping up any foundations we had under the marquee to start putting down a new one. The new foundations are a lot more water proof and stable (bonus!!). The next stage is putting down the planks of wood, this job should flow through to February where they will then have to sand and varnish the floor. From what we have seen so far, it is going to look amazing!!

The Garden

At this time of year, you wouldn’t think there would be much you can do to your garden however you are wrong!! Mel has been working hard in the garden to clear out any of the dead twigs, plants and pulling out any sightings of a weed! Emma, Mel and Emily went to David Austin to learn the ins and outs of pruning roses. They were surprised to learn you have to be pretty lethal with it and it is slightly scary! Since the course, Mel has been out in the garden and she has transformed the garden. As much as it looks bare, we should be getting 100s of more roses coming through come May/September.
Emily has also spent a week in the garden with Mel and they worked hard on the Greenhouse. The Greenhouse has been in the Walled Garden for 150 years and we don’t think it has been properly cleaned since it was installed. Once they had cleaned the floor, they were surprised to find it is all old bricks and it is beautiful. In the Greenhouse is our grapevine, this is an area which is a great for photos once it has come into bloom.
To say it is January, the garden has never looked better at this time of year. Mel has made a huge difference to the garden and we can’t wait to see what it will look like once Spring has arrived!


Pip the Cat!

We have a new furry friend! In January we adopted a rescue feral cat. The team decided to call her Pip. She is a 2 year old small black female cat who has never had a home. She is currently living is Apple Cottage for the next few weeks then she will be allowed to roam the Walled Garden whenever she likes. Pip is very nervous and currently won’t come out of the David Austin bag that was in the room. After a week of her being here we realised she loves to come out at night time because every morning her food has been eaten and her toys have been played with. On the odd day she is out of the bag and we are lucky to see her!