New Head Gardener

If you remember back in August we started to advertise for a new head gardener. Well, at the beginning of the month Melisa started full time in the garden. She has a great past in gardening and she has already brought so many new ideas to the garden.


Apple Cottage

Melisa’s first big project was renovating Apple Cottage to create a space for growing and storing equipment. Apple Cottage had been abandoned for around 50 years, so it wasn’t in the best state. Greenery had over grown in side and it had been used as a bit of a dumping ground for all sorts of things. Melisa, Matt and Pete spent a few days clearing it out inside to see what the shell of the cottage looked like. The right side of the cottage had a second floor which is full of clutter however the flooring is extremely unstable and the plan is to rip the second floor out to create a higher ceiling in that room. Within a matter of days it was amazing to see the difference.

Over the next few weeks they will be putting new flooring in and creating a nice space for them to use throughout the day to have a cup of tea and store their equipment. The long term project is to create polly tunnels and growing areas around the back of the walls so we can start growing our own edible flowers and vegetables.


Garden Signs

Melisa had a lovely idea of getting small signs for the garden so guests know what we have in our garden. I wrote them out and they look amazing!

Hive Award Launch

Myself and Bronte launched the Hive Awards this month. The award scheme has been put in place so we can reward our team members when they have done something well or gone out of their way to do something for somebody else. There will also be big prizes for groups of people which will happen monthly.

The first event we have organised is our Christmas party at Bistro Live. From January, staff will be able to start nominating people for awards and the scheme will begin!