The Garden

Due to the weather being so warm this year, we have been working hard to keep the garden looking beautiful. We have also made a decision that we are going to employ a full time gardener. The outdoor space is a very important part of the venue and we want it to look its best all the way throughout the year. In our busy season, it is always a struggle to maintain all areas of the business and this year we noticed the garden was lacking to its potential.
Fun fact of the day, within the walled garden it is 5 degree warmer than everywhere else due to the walls being so high and the south facing position of the garden. Therefore, this added to the struggle of maintaining the garden as we have had the hottest summer! With a full time gardener, the garden will benefit massively with some extra attention!

Outside Ceremonies

Since getting the license for outside ceremonies in 2016 we have had an increasing number of ceremonies at the venue. This year we have had over 50 civil ceremonies in the garden. Every ceremony is so different, with bride and grooms personal touches being added to them.
Legally you can get married underneath our loggia area at the top of the garden. To legalise an area for a civil ceremony in the UK, it has to have a permanent structure above it, so luckily that is just what we have! You can seat up to 40 guests at the top with you and roughly 140 guests around the band stand area with the garden surroundings.
It is some what magical watching a ceremony with the bride and groom surrounded by friends and family in our very beautiful garden.